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My name is Kym and I live in Calgary, AB, Canada, with my husband and our 3 children.


When I reflect on our births, I am always struck by how different each one was. Initially, I tried to prepare by learning everything I could so I would be ready. I placed a great amount of trust in being a "good" patient and preparing for the physical event of labour. I later learned that you could spend years gathering facts and bits of information, and while this information is useful and important, it is equally important to prepare mentally and emotionally for birth and the transition one faces when becoming a parent.

I believe that when you explore evidence-based information and incorporate your learnings with your own unique inner resources, you will find the courage and confidence you need to face the unknown and experience the transformative nature of birth, however it unfolds.

In 2020, I became a Certified Birthing From Within™ Childbirth Educator. I am so excited to be working with families with a philosophy that speaks to my heart!

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