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Twelve years ago I was traversing the West Coast Trail, a challenging 75 km backpacking trip on Vancouver Island. It was a team effort! My husband had been on many backpacking trips before and while I had been on some, none were this difficult. In preparation, we skied and hiked to strengthen our legs, went on shorter trips, and read a book specifically about the trail. As the day approached, we packed our backpacks.

One Year Later

It was an amazing trip and one that I will always remember. It was very grounding to be unplugged and in nature for 6 days, and the scenery was stunning! Exactly one year after completing the West Coast Trail, I gave birth to our first child. I often reflect on the similarities and contrasts from those days. While the locations were vastly different, many other aspects were similar. There were challenges and successes, smiles and tears, strength and mindfulness, and a lot of support!


Years later when I was introduced to Birthing From Within™, I believe it was their framing of birth as a journey that drew me in. I now have my own business and teach prenatal classes. My class, The Birth Backpack, is built upon the Birthing From Within™ philosophy, and also draws from my own life experiences. Uncertainty, to varying degrees, is inherent in any journey. How do you know what you'll need to bring? Do you have practice using what you're bringing? What will you pack in your backpack?

For more information about The Birth Backpack click here or check out my blog post on Birthing From Within's website here.

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